Desktop versions, additional cards and goals

First of all, thanks for all your play-time and comments. I did not expect that many people playing Draft City.

Desktop versions for Windows and Mac

You can now download Draft City for Windows and Mac. Both versions are equal to the Web version. Let me know which one you prefer in the comments.

More goals

Now the generator will generate a more diverse set of goals. In addition I added new goals for discovering the map. More types of goals will come over time.

New cards

The initial release contained 27 building cards. This update contains five new researchable cards and one new instant card:

  • Hut
  • School
  • Scout Camp and Explore (instant)
  • Vineyard
  • Vine Press


  • Fixed 4 bugs about fullscreen-mode
  • Some cards could be researched before Settlement was researched
  • Replaced placeholder icon for alcohol resource with proper one
  • Relabeled "Continue Game" button to "Continue this Game"
  • Disabled clicks on instant cards while in animation 

Files 98 MB
Jun 12, 2022 91 MB
Jun 12, 2022

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Awesome! Really stoked about the progress and the new cards. Best, P