Gameplay refinements

This new version contains a lot of changes to the gameplay. Enjoy these changes and let me know what you think in the comments: 

People as card tokens

You will now require people for playing cards from your hand. Each card when played requires a certain amount of people. You will still get more people by building tents.

More early game

The previous version was very flooded with buildings right from the start. Now you will start with only instant cards and slowly gather cards and resources for buildings. 

Pick packs

The top bar for getting new cards wasn’t very intuitive and gave the player too much power. Now, after finishing the draw pile, you will get the choice to (1) get a tent card, (2) get a random card or (3) pick one of three packs of cards. This mechanic needs less explaining and allows for less direct choice by the player.

Turn-based only

Mixing real-time and turn-based limited the game more than I expected. Hence real-time events have been removed and resources are consumed and produced each turn.


  • Resolved multiple fullscreen bugs
  • Fixed alcohol cost on some cards


Draft City (Windows x64) 100 MB
Nov 20, 2022
Draft City (Mac OS, Intel x64) 93 MB
Nov 20, 2022
Draft City (Mac OS, Apple M1/M2) 90 MB
Nov 20, 2022

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