DraftCity is a card-base roguelite city builder. Play cards to grow your city and get more buildings. Complete goals to win the game and gain access to new cards.


The game has three card types:

  • Instant effects will give you immediate resources or other effects.
  • Buildings will produce or consume resources over time, supply people or enhance instant effects.
  • Upgrades will enhance existing buildings with better production.

You will be dealt 5 cards per turn from the draw pile. Instant effect cards and unplayed cards will move to the discard pile at the end of the turn. Once the draw pile is empty the discard pile gets shuffled on it.

After finishing the draw pile, you will get the choice to (1) get a tent card, (2) get a random card or (3) pick one of three packs of cards.


Each game will have a randomly generated map. Four types of terrain are available on all maps: Grass, Forest, Water and Mountain. Small coloured hexagons on each building/upgrade card will indicate on which terrains these can be placed.

Varying goals

Each game has a random set of goals. Complete all goals to win the game. Winning a game will allow you to research a new card in the Research Tree.


Initially you will have a very basic set of cards available. After each win you will be able to research a new card. This card will turn up in the offers in all future games. New cards will also enable additional goals.


Next steps on the development roadmap are:

  1. Additional goals, including discoverable goals on map
  2. Random events
  3. Visual feedback on spent resources
  4. More cards
  5. Improved animation performance


This is a gameplay prototype, feel free to submit feedback and bugs in the comments. Thanks for playing!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
GenreStrategy, Card Game
TagsCasual, City Builder, Hex Based, Procedural Generation, Real time strategy, Roguelike, Roguelite, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Draft City (Windows x64) 0.1.2.zip 100 MB
Draft City (Mac OS, Intel x64) 0.1.2.zip 93 MB
Draft City (Mac OS, Apple M1/M2) 0.1.2.zip 90 MB

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a good idea, but i found the mechanics confusing

Very nice to play, I've spent about an hour playing your game and it was very fun. Unlocked many improvements.

Cool little game, I wish there where  number shortcuts for cards and I noticed that sometimes water doesn't spawn so fishing ends up useless.


Realy nice game but for me the vineyard only grew vines once and all the other times it was just 2 food per turn

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hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts would be a great addition

I did encounter a bug where text got misplaced, sometimes overlapping with other text and becoming unreadable, but it mostly just happened with the cards in the research tree

it would be nice to be able to zoom in/out on the map

picking new cards when you use up your deck is a great mechanic, it works really well

I love strategizing with when and where and what to build

overall, very fun, this game shows a lot of promise, keep up the good work <3

You should have at least 1 of each tile on each map or else some missions are just impossible such as apple farms without water, spent 30mins just for no water.

Hi NoOptions, I am sorry you had this experience. The map generation is still pretty basic and will get more attention. Hope you still had some joy in playing the game.

pretty cool game, some feedback:

Having to wait for the redraw button to 'cool down' before I can click it again punishes quick play because I don't want to wait for it to cool down, especially if I have a few subsequent moves planned.

Inside the research tree -> you can zoom out so far that the value becomes negative, flipping the view, etc.

Hi JamSnack, thanks for playing and providing feedback. You are right, the cool down is of no use anymore, I will remove it with the next update. About the research view, I will  fully rework this once more cards are available, so stay tuned :)

Please please please go ahead and remove the redraw cooldown.

Once I left fullscreen mode, I can not enter it again. If I select "Enter Fullscreen" from the menu, it enters fullscreen but when I then click on "Continue Game", it leaves fullscreen again. 

Hi Weeman, thanks for the bug report. This should be fixed with version 0.1.1.


Once I left fullscreen mode, I can not enter it again. If I select "Enter Fullscreen" from the menu, it enters fullscreen but when I then click on "Continue Game", it leaves fullscreen again. 

Hi bogusbishop, thanks for reporting this bug. The newest version (0.1.1) contains a fix for the issue.


Great to see that already new content is being pushed out. Keep it coming!

It wasn't initially clear that I needed to 'start new game' to progress after researching a new card. I guess I'm used to having fixed levels but then since this lets you pick how to advance through the tech tree you can't really have fixed levels per se.

Apple farms won't build, no matter that I think conditions are exceeded.

Needs to be built next to water ;)

The game feels a little bit too easy, I think that resources should be harder to manange

Hi Shadow, I totally agree. Rebalancing is part of my roadmap. I can sign you up for an early test.

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That would be great

this was absolutely brilliant! im sad to have filled the tree and not really have more to do. 10/10

Hi Captain, thanks for the nice feedback! The new version contains 6 additional cards for you to try.

It's fun and the research tree provides some depth. I guess the "get 5 people" goal is a bit too easy though. I love that it's violence free and the music gives it a nice atmosphere. +1 on the download version

Please, make a downloadable version for PC.

Hi Nikolay, thanks for checking Draft City. I added versions for Windows and Mac for you to download.

"Random set of goals" could work I suppose. But "Random set of achievable goals" might be better. I played one round, noticed that food drops pretty quickly, and the cards didn't include a lot of "+food per turn", so bought the boar farm to balance it out for future rounds...

Only every game I've started since then wants me to get 5 population. And I only have +2 population from a single camp, and +1 from a single tent. So I can't win any games, which means I can't research any new cards to gain more population. Given that every game wants that, it doesn't appear that the population target is random, which means I *needed* to buy a different card.

You can build multiple tents.  You cannot, however, build a farm without a well (water on the map doesn't count) and the game always requires you to do that once you've researched farms, even if you don't have wells yet.

(1 edit)

Oh? Hm, I'll give it another try and see. After I placed the first tent I never had another one come into my hand. Thanks for the warning about the farms and wells.

Edit: Oh, I see. I can add more tents from the list at the top into my discard pile to shuffle them into my hand. If there was a hint about that somewhere, I managed to miss it.